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Hartley Web Design is a full service digital consultancy firm that specializes in a handful of services to bring extraordinary experience to the client. We believe in creating a nurturing and trusting relationship with our clients in order to promote their business, products, and services.


We do not look at our clients as mere numbers but as partners. As business partners, our goal is to make sure that every person who obtains our business gets the right amount of help and attention that they need from us.

Back Then

For the longest time, there are a lot of businesses that existed only in the shadows of the real world. Back then, the competition was all about networks and finding the right products. Once you have captured the market, it would be easier to find a repeat client. Trust was easy to build because as long as you deliver the clients would trust you.


Today, the competition is even tighter. With the birth and growth of the online marketplace, capturing the market became harder. Most of the clients we have today are based on an online presence. If you do not have an online presence, you may end up losing clients. Worst case, a bad review can send your business down the drain.


Nowadays, if you do not have an online presence, it would be hard for you to communicate to your clients and customers. It would also be hard for you to address bad reviews and comments.

Hartley Web Design aims

Hartley Web Design aims to ensure that our partners reach their clients. Every business wants an online presence but not every business is able to do something about it. The skills required for a business to build a brand, create a website, establish a market presence, and continue having a market reach even after all the effort is not available to everyone. It requires a lot of time and skill that is hard to procure.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

It is this extraordinary demand that pushed James, the founder of Hartley Web Design, towards creating a company that would provide full service for digital marketing and online web presence marketing for all kinds of businesses. It was an obvious problem that needed a solution.

The first hurdle that need addressing was capacity building among team members and finding the right team to help build the Hartley vision. After finding the right team, after training them, and after finding specialists in their own right, the next step is to find the clients.

The main goal was to make sure that the clients would reach their highest potential from websites built from scratch by the creative team. This was the dream.

The dream was fulfilled in 2012 when James started the company and found the right team. It was a combination of passion and skill that built the foundation to which Hartley Web Design depends on.

Based in Perth, Australia, the firm had a small start. Every business knows that this is a reality. During a time when technology was booming in Australia, the demand for a skilled team to address all of the business needs of a client was necessary. Building trust in the market, however, is another thing.

At the beginning, Hartley Web Design catered to clients who can trust us. It was on this trust that we built a reputation that we have today.

Slowly, we got our break and developed the skills of our team. With our growth came a big influx of clients. We developed their websites and provided all the level of support that they would need. There are even some requests to develop mobile applications for clients. This part, we look forward to fulfilling in the future. There are great things coming for us.

Today, the firm has already built over 300 websites. We have clients worldwide ranging from small businesses, big corporations, franchises, and personal websites.

We have serviced clients for their e-commerce websites. We have addressed the needs of most business startups to help them build a business and obtain the trust of their potential clients. We have created personal websites for life coaches, lawyers, and professionals. We have the experience to build a reliable website complete with all of the requirements of the client.

Our secret to success is very simple: we listen. We listen to the request and the demands of the client. We make sure that we have all of the right elements that the client is looking for. However, we also make our own research about the market of the client and make sure that we are not giving them improper advice.

Hartley Web Design is now looking to the future. We are ready to take on the next challenge. We are ready for more work and more clients. We are ready to juggle e-commerce websites and help them make a transition to a specialized website. With an ever evolving digital economy, our clients evolve and go with the flow.

For the startups, you need to create your online presence and get started on gaining client trust.

For franchises, you need to be able to bank on the goodwill that the original franchise have created and pave the way for you.

For scaleups, you need to have an updated website so your investors know what you are up to and how you are developing your product.

For bigger corporations, you need to make sure that you have a heart for the people or for a cause. This should be reflected on your website as well.

For websites, you need a reliable system that would get all of the things that you need. From your support and maintenance needs to your client service, you need a reliable system. We can help you get there.

For all other kinds of business, you need to have the right presence and social media advertisements to help you target the right market. For this kind of service, we are willing to listen and help our clients.

Let us help you achieve your digital needs. From visualisation to creation to maintenance and support, we are here for you.

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